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Our expertise and experience in the furniture industry helps you get the right furnishings for your home or business, whether you need to know about specific features or require assistance in planning modular office furniture configurations.

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- Experience and Expertise
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What makes Ritz Furniture Planet Ltd such a special place to work? It’s simple: we truly care about our people. We deliver our customers extraordinary creativity, fresh perspectives, transforming style. We’re people who believe great design and artisan craftsmanship can make a home a haven. We believe in scouring the globe for the freshness of authentic regional design. Using natural materials that honor the earth. Commissioning hand-crafted original and exclusive pieces.

We believe stores can be places of inspiration. Our constantly changing showcases of design invite customers with seasonal focus, the most current influences, the freshest colors, unexpected combinations.

Ritz Furniture Planet Ltd always welcomes the opportunity to add smart, talented, dynamic people to our team.

If you’re interested in joining a team that prides itself on a reputation built by service, dedication and teamwork, then please get in touch with us today at the follwing email address :


Email: info@ritzfurnitureplanet.ca